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From January to November 2019, discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels investigated and dealt with ten thousand cases of spiritual problems in violation of the eight regulations of the Central Committee, and dealt with ten thousand party members and cadres, of whom ten thousand were given disciplinary sanctions and administrative sanctions. These figures are down from last year, with a total of 10,000 cases of investigation and handling of 10,000 party members and cadres in 2018, giving more than 10,000 party discipline and administrative sanctions.


From late December 2019 to mid-January 2020,15 central inspection teams will carry out a \"look back\" on all 13 central and western provinces, municipalities and 13 central units that are specially patrolled by the central government to tackle poverty relief, according to the party's central plan. It is reported that the central inspection teams will work in the units of the inspected area for about 20 days, during which special duty telephone and postal box will be set up, mainly accepting letters and reports reflecting the problems of special inspection and rectification of poverty relief.


In the case, Yun Guangzhong, former standing committee member of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee and former secretary of the Hohhot Municipal Party Committee, suspected of taking bribes, was concluded by the State Supervision Commission and transferred to the procuratorial organs for examination and prosecution. A few days ago, the Supreme People's Procuratorate on suspicion of bribery in Yunguang made an arrest decision. The case is under further processing.


According to the Jilin Provincial higher people's Court WeChat public number, on December 31,2019, Jilin Province Tonghua City Intermediate people's Court on Jilin City CPPCC former party group secretary, chairman Cui Zhenji embezzlement, bribery, abuse of power, false bankruptcy case of public judgment. The defendant, Cui Zhenji, was sentenced to 20 years'imprisonment and a fine of 12.2 million yuan for embezzlement, bribery, abuse of power and false bankruptcy. The illegal proceeds of corruption and bribery of Cui Zhenji shall be confiscated according to law and turned over to the State Treasury.


According to public information, Cui Zhenji, male, worked for more than six years in Longtan District, Jilin City in April 1963, served as deputy mayor of Jilin City in July 2011, and served as secretary and chairman of the party group of the CPPCC in Jilin City in January 2017. Mr cui's corruption is hundreds of millions.


The court heard that the defendant, Cui Zhenji, took advantage of his position and the convenience of his position, and took advantage of his actual control over Jilin City Luwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which was not within the scope of the requisition and relocation, and took more than 93.4 million yuan in compensation by means of high price evaluation, false listing and double calculation.


Even more shocking is the fact that the official in the main hall of the column was involved with the evil forces. On December 3,2018, Cui Zhenji was charged with serious disciplinary violations. After that, the \"jilin daily\" published in 2018, the province's discipline inspection and supervision organs to punish corruption summary news,\" cui zhenji as a protection umbrella of evil forces of the problem clues, is the provincial discipline inspection committee led the team to carry out anti-evil supervision and accountability work supervision found.\" Another article said that Cui Zhenji involved in the Jilin City Zhang Yongfu involved in the black case, is Jilin Provincial Party Secretary Bayin Chaolu personally dispatch the major criminal case.


With Cui Zhenji involved in the \"black boss\" Zhang Yongfu 52 years old, junior high school culture, has served as Jilin City Longtan District cylinder kiln town hash village branch secretary, former Jilin City people's Congress deputy, Jilin City Yongfu Culture Co., Ltd. chairman. The court found that since 1998, zhang yongfu, relying on the breeding company, has recruited released prisoners, used various methods such as killing, beating and intimidation, and manipulated four group companies and eight chicken farms. The illegal organizations led by Zhang Yongfu have manipulated grass-roots organizations for more than 20 years by means of coercion, intimidation and inducement against villagers.


In order to grab greater economic benefits, mr. yongfu's party has courted a large number of \"protective umbrellas \", with as many as 43 people, involving systems such as the jilin government, the CPPCC, the public procuratorate and the law, including cui zhenji, the former chairman of jilin. In 2018, Jilin Provincial Public Security Bureau designated the case by Tonghua City Public Security Bureau investigation in different places, Tonghua City Public Security organs for 10 months day and night fighting, will eventually be led by Zhang Yongfu underworld organizations. On November 8 this year, Zhang Yongfu was sentenced to life imprisonment for the combined punishment of several crimes.


How did Cui Zhenji \"protect\" Zhang Yongfu? The court found that from 2009 to 2015, the defendant Cui Zhenji abused his power while he was secretary of the Longtan District Party Committee of Jilin City and deputy mayor of Jilin City, and evaded legal sanctions by issuing official letters and greetings for Zhang Yongfu and Zhang Jian.


In an example of his private use as a \"platform\" for criminal and evil forces, Cui Zhenji, then deputy mayor of Jilin City, passed then secretary of the Shulan Municipal Political and Law Commission and public security chief Hou Changfu on 11 suspects, resulting in a suspension of all 14 major suspects.


For the criminal and evil forces to probe the case, pressure things, platform support, interference obstruction of the case investigation, Cui Zhenji's case is typical, but also alarming. The discipline inspection and supervision organs should conscientiously implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and provide a strong disciplinary guarantee for winning the special struggle against crime and evil. It is necessary to unswervingly and consistently maintain a severely severely punishing and high-pressure situation, and find out that the issues of criminal corruption and \"umbrella\" should be dealt with together to further intensify the crackdown on criminal corruption and its \"umbrella \".


Born in nanchang, jiangxi in 1962, li ning was a scientist in the field of animal gm research. At the age of 45 in 2007, he was elected academician of the chinese academy of engineering as the youngest \"two houses\" in china. In June 2014, Li Ning was arrested by the Changling County Procuratorate of Songyuan City, Jilin Province, on suspicion of embezzling research funds. Li Ning and Zhang Lei corruption case, is a special audit conducted by the State Audit Office found that the Supreme People's Procuratorate to investigate and deal with according to law, and the Supreme People's Court appointed by the Jilin Province Songyuan City Intermediate People's Court to hear the major, difficult, complex cases.


On October 10,2014, the website of the Ministry of Supervision and Supervision of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a circular saying that, after preliminary investigation, Li Ning had used his position to obtain scientific research funds by using false invoices and matters to transfer them to his own control company, and had been suspected of embezzling more than 2,000 million yuan of public funds. On December 9,2014, the Chinese Academy of Engineering ceased its membership of Li Ning, and he also became the first academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering to be suspended.


In April 2015, the Songyuan City Procuratorate filed a lawsuit against the Li Ning case against the Songyuan City Intermediate People's Court. After two sessions, the case lasted five years. The presiding judge explained that the reason for this time was mainly related to the changes in criminal law, the 2016 two high judicial interpretation of the amount of crime adjustment and the reform of the management system of scientific research funds, and so on.


So, how exactly is Li Ning corrupt? The court heard that from July 2008 to February 2012, the defendant, Li Ning, took advantage of his position as professor of the Agricultural University of China, director of the State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Biotechnology of the Agricultural University of China, head of the Li Ning Research Group of the College of Biology of the Agricultural University of China and the position of managing the funds for major scientific and technological projects in the country. The money was transferred to Li Ning's personally controlled accounts and used to invest in several companies.


The court found that the defendants, Li Ning and Zhang Lei, used Li Ning's position to embezzle and defraud scientific research funds in a particularly large amount. The two men embezzled more than 34.1 million yuan. In the joint crime, Li Ning is the principal offender, sentenced to 12 years in prison; Zhang Lei is an accessory, sentenced to five years and eight months in prison.


In recent years, corruption has been reported in the field of scientific research in colleges and universities, and the defendant, Li Ning, as a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, enjoys a high profile and great influence in the field of research. Through the trial of this case, scientific research workers can be further guided to abide by the laws and regulations in scientific research activities and adhere to the bottom line. \"No exclusion zones, full coverage and zero tolerance\" is an important policy adhered to in the fight against corruption in our country, which means that corruption in any field or in the system should be punished by law, and there is no exception in the fields of science and technology and education.


Honorary President of the China Association of Criminal Law Studies, Honorary Professor of the People's University of China, Chief Expert of the Beijing Normal University, Special Professor of the Institute of Criminal Law Sciences Gao Mingxuan pointed out that the Li Ning case of embezzling scientific research funds is one of the current phenomena of corruption in the fields of science and technology and education.